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Ask your question, however specific, and we will match you up with a relevant person to have a quick chat with 1-on-1. Pay after the chat, and only if you are satisfied.

Not keen to open your wallet? Earn some $ to get started.

Please budget $1 or more per effective minute spent by your match, e.g. $5 for a 5-minute chat or shorter, or let your match suggest a price by choosing "Flexible".

You will be able to offer higher rewards as you complete more searches on the platform.


When is payment taken?

You'll be asked to top up your account before you can engage with your match. The funds will only leave your account if you rate the engagement successful. You can get a full refund when you cancel the search without a successful engagement.

How long does it take to find a match?

It varies from a couple of minutes to a few hours depending on the specifics of the search. If you already have in mind an ideal person to answer your question, you can also send them a request link and ask for paid help directly.

We are constantly expanding our network of helpful contributors and improving our matching algorithm to make it quicker. If you are interested in sharing your wisdoms and helping others, please consider joining us!

What information about me is shared with my match?

Just the search details you provided and your trustworthiness rating derived from your past activities on the platform. Your email address is not shared with your match. You and your match will remain mutually anonymous to each other.

How can I be sure my match is who they claim to be?

Your match's credential will be checked by our contributors during onboarding and if applicable, by other users who engaged with your match on relevant searches in the past. You can also ask for any proof your match is willing to share.

Can I use a different channel to communicate with my match?

Yes if both of you are comfortable and agree to use a 3rd party messaging app (you will lose some privacy). Just remember to come back and rate your engagement.

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We all have specific knowledge, opinions and experience that others may find valuable, yet they are not always easy to find, and we are not often aware of who needs them.

Our mission is to make them easier to discover and rewarding to share.

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